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    Chinese CE, ISO Vertical Machine Center By Taiwan Drawing Production

    (1) Function:
    The VH850 vertical machine center X, Y, Z 3 axis servo control, spindle drive by servo motor.
    The machine can process variety of disc type, plate type, shell, mold and other complex workpieces in one time clamping, achieve drilling, milling, boring, expansion, reaming, tapping and other process.

    (2) Application:
    The vertical machine center for auto parts, electrical instrumentation, motorcycle, tools, hardware parts, motor and other industries efficient processing and manufacturing of medium and small batch parts.

    Small precision mould and parts
    Suitable models
    Three axes high speed linear trail with rapid tool changing structure, excellent efficient working ability; Between drilling and machining center, integrating cost and processing advantages;
    More suitable for small and medium sized mould and parts’ high speed and high accuracy processing.
    (3) Main Structure Features:
    1. Base, sliding seat, worktable, vertical column, spindle box and other major foundation parts all use high rigid structure of cast iron.
    2. X,Y,Z guideway are imported roller or ball linear guideway with good wearability.
    3. X,Y,Z three directions’feed use high strength Taiwan’s ball screw with high precision, high feed speed.
    4. Taiwan famous rigid spindle unit, high speed, high precision, strong axial and radial bearing capacity, turning speed 8000 RPM;
    5. Spindle uses blowing center structure, after spindle loosing tool, it cleans spindle inner cone by using center high pressure gas, ensure accuracy of the tool clamping.
    6. X,Y,Z three directions guide rail, screw use closed protection, ensure cleanness of lead screw and guide rail, ensure transmission and moving precision.
    7. Machine external protection adopts fully enclosed structure design, safe and reliable.
    8. High quality 24 disc type tool magazine, tool change accurate, time short, high efficiency.
    9. Using centralized automatic lubrication device and automatic intermittent lubrication with timing and quantitative work features, stable and reliable, easy to operate.
    10. The precision according to JB/ T8771.2-1998 “machining center inspection condition part 2: vertical machining center geometric accuracy test” and JB/T8771.4-1998 ” machining center inspection conditions part 4: positioning accuracy and repeat precision inspection of linear and rotary axis.”
    Positioning accuracy ±0.005
    Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.003

    (3) Typical Workpiece Made by The Machine

    (4) Trial Running


    Product Photo of VH850 Vertical Machine Center

    Product Details Photo of Vertical Machine Center

    Factory Photos of CNC Vertical Machine Center

    Technical Parameter of VH Series CNC Vertical Machine Center
    Specification Unit VH640 VH850 VH855 VH1050
    X Travel mm 600 800 800 1000
    Y Travel mm 400 500 550 550
    Z Travel mm 450 500 550 550
    Worktable surface mm 150/600 120/620 120/670 120/670
    Worktable Size mm 420*700 500*1000 550*1000 550*1000
    Worktable Load Kg 400 500 500 600
    Worktable T slot mm 4/14*84 5/18*90 5/18*90 5/18*90
    Spindle center to column mm 550 570 595 595
    Spindle Taper – BT40 BT40 BT40 BT40
    Spindle Turning speed rpm 8000/12000 8000/12000 8000/12000 8000/12000
    Spindle Transmission type – Belt/Direct connection Belt/Direct connection Belt/Direct connection Belt/Direct connection
    Spindle Power Kw 5.5 7.5 7.5 7.5
    Spindle Torque Nm 23.5 35 35 35
    Feed Rapid traverse m/min 36/36/36 (48/48/48) 36/36/36 (48/48/48) 36/36/36 (48/48/48) 36/36/36 (48/48/48)
    Feed Cutting m/min 1-10 1-10 1-10 1-10
    Tool magazine capacity – 16 24 24 24
    Tool length mm 300 300 300 300
    Tool weight Kg 8 8 8 8
    Positioning accuracy mm 0.005/300 0.005/300 0.005/300 0.005/300
    Repositioning accuracy mm 0.003/300 0.003/300 0.003/300 0.003/300
    Air Pressure Kgf/square cm 6 6 6 6
    Power supply V(KVA) 20 20 20 20
    Size(L*W*H) mm 1650*1390*1950 2600*2340*2600 2850*2390*2600 2800*2340*2600
    Weight Kg 4000 5300 5500 5600

    CNC System Fanuc 0i MF
    Disc type tool magazine
    Cooling system
    Pneumatic system
    Lighting system
    Spindle taper hole cleaning system
    Automatic lubrication system
    Full protection cover
    Stainless steel protective pull plate
    Tricolor alarm light
    Fixed sizing block
    Three axis roller

    Air conditioner
    4th axis rotary table
    Coolant through spindle
    Cold and hot interchanger
    Gas dust air gun

    1 Imported ball screw Taiwan HIWIN or PMI
    2 Imported ball linear guide rail Taiwan HIWIN or PMI
    3 Spindle Taiwan Jian Chun
    4 Pressure cylinder With spindle
    5 Bearings Japan NSK
    6 Coupling Taiwan S+P
    7 CNC system FANUC 0i MF5
    8 Imported electronic lubrication pump Japan Herg
    9 Pneumatic component Taiwan AIRTAC
    10 Electrical element Beijing Jiu Chuan
    11 The spindle box heavy hammer balance weight No
    12 Disc type Tool magazine Taiwan Okada or Sheng Jie
    13 Machine bed structure Top resin sand casting
    14 Chain chip removal device optional
    855 Vertical Machine Center with Taiwan GSA 4TH Axis Exported to Russia

    855 at Plant of Russian Customer
    Vertical Machining Center factory