Fashion designer

Requires large amounts of time spent on the production of garments for the catwalk & clients. You must be extremely creative and fashion conscious, but also able to translate trends into commercial product.


  1. Creating/visualising an idea and producing a design by hand or using computer-aided design (CAD).
  2. Keeping up to date with emerging fashion trends as well as general trends relating to fabrics, colours and shapes.
  3. Working with others in the design team, liaising closely with sales, buying and production teams on an ongoing basis to ensure the item suits the customer and price points.
  4. sourcing, selecting and buying fabrics, trims, fastenings and embellishments.
  5. Developing a pattern that is cut and sewn into sample garments and supervising the creation of these, including fitting, detailing and adaptations.


A degree in the following subjects will increase your chances: fashion; textiles; graphic design; clothing technology; fashion marketing and buying.