The right clothing choices can be your best friend for improving your confidence in wedding. Check out these tips to get the most out of your Wedding Lehenga.

Yellow Lehenga

Dress for Your Shape:  One of the most important tips for feeling confident in wedding is dressing for your shape. Every body is unique, so find textures, colors, and shapes that are flattering for your figure.  At Varuna Jithesh we give free consultation to all our brides.

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Be True to Yourself: There’s nothing worse for your confidence than going out in an wedding outfit that just isn’t your style. When you’re in touch with yourself and your personality, dressing to express yourself becomes easy.

Choose Colors Wisely: Like clothing shape, not every color is going to be flattering on your body or skin tone. Consider your hair color, skin tone, and makeup tastes when choosing colors. Keep in mind that shopping under fluorescent lights can make colors seem different. You really have to see something on you in natural light to know how it looks.

Orange Ghagra Choli

Keep It Simple & Elegant: If you’re looking for confidence-boosting outfits, simplicity & Elegance is key. Varuna Jithesh Wedding Lehengas looks sophisticated and are often the most flattering to your body types. If you aren’t feeling super confident on wedding day, today isn’t the day to take risks.

Tailor Your Clothing: If you’re struggling to find the right fit for clothing, have your clothes custom tailored to you at Varuna Jithesh. We even offer complimentary tailoring in store for Brides.

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Have a Go-To: For those days when you’re just not feeling your best, have a go-to lehenga that you always feel great in. At least have one for special events & Occasions. You deserve to feel confident at every occasion and with the right Lehenga you can, it might just take a little creativity and customization.


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