Identify your body shape: The best way for you to dress depends on your figure. Your body shape leans more toward pear, apple, rectangle, or hourglass. Pears are larger around the bottom and thighs than they are up top. Apples have a full, rounded figure without much of a waist. Rectangles are fairly straight up and down, while hourglasses have a small waist and full hips and bust. Identify the shape that best describes you and follow the tips below.

Looking slim can boost your self-esteem and make you more confident. The easiest way to appear sleeker than you are is to practice dressing in ways that help you meet your aim and apply the knowledge you glean to all the outfits you wear. As a result, onlookers will imagine you’re svelte.

Pear shape : Does your figure resemble a pear? You’ll look thinner if you balance your chest with the bottom half of your body. Ideally, you’ll play down your bottom and thighs and exaggerate your bust and shoulders. To do so, you can wear details such as frills over your chest, high neck, jewel neck, boat neck, collared neck blouses, and clothes that emphasize your shoulders. High-waist lehengas and skirts are to be avoided, and low waist varieties embraced. Steer clear of clothes with elasticated waists and opt for wide bands. Ensure lehengas skirts and dresses are plain around your bottom and any details like embroidery or frills are lower down your legs past your knees.

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Apple shape: If your figure looks apple-shaped, you’ll look thinner when you draw attention away from your waist. Empire-line dresses which flare out just under the bust look terrific on you, while straight tops and dresses don’t suit you. Clothes that end above your knees highlight your legs and detract from your middle.

V-neck or round neck tops suit you, while high necks and boat necks don’t. Likewise, textured fabrics rather than clothes that cling around your middle help you look slim. Also, blouses and tops that end lower than your hips look best on you.

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Rectangular shape: If you don’t have many curves, you probably have a rectangular figure. The best clothes to suit you make your hips and bust seem curvier and define your waist. Blouses nipped in at the waistline and flared lehengas suit you. Lehengas with details on the hips and bottom also look great. You can wear cropped tops, that end just above or on your middle.

Layered, fitted lehengas, help you look thin but feminine. Additionally, A-line lehengas define your middle, and colorful, patterned clothing around the bust and hips look attractive on you.

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Hourglass shape: Hourglass figure Clothes that show off your curves and emphasize your small waist look terrific. Blouses ending slightly below your middle and structured clothes help you look thin. Wrap lehengas and blouses, fabrics that drape, and V-necks, sweetheart necklines, and V-neck halters are attractive on you.Avoid details like frills since they will make you look large, and bear in mind block colors, as opposed to patterns look best. You can wear A-line lehengas that hug your curves.

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