Have a Wonderful Saree in your wardrobe from VARUNA JITHESH. A Saree with a combination of beautiful subtle colors baby pink and pale turquiose. Saree is in baby pink made with tulle net fabric, tulle is soft, delicate and sheer, it adds elegance to any occasion. Its most at home at formal occasions such as traditional weddings & celebrations. Tulle used as an accent, to create a lacy and floating look. Saree with pink is a positive color that inspires warm & comforting feelings.

The color pink insightful and intuitive & it shows tenderness and kindness from its empathetic and sensitive nature. Wonderful?lehenga style?Saree blouse with pale turquoise color in rawsilk fabric. Rawsilk gives a traditional wear look when adorned and is comfortable. Pale turquiose have a sweet feminine feel. It associates refreshing, joy and loyalty. The uniqueness in saree designed giving a small mirror hand embroidery with golden beats border.

lehenga style saree

The blouse embosed with ‘Jodha Akbar’ silhouttes on the sleeves and backside of the blouse highlighted with golden thread and overall blouse with creeper hand embroidery work with gold jardosi given small florets with pink thread work, the neck line and bottom of the blouse with golden beats hand embroidery..The main style is the saree, simple and elegant look with combination of grandeur, heavy blouse. The pale turquiose and baby pink goes well in light spring season.The saree can be adorned in day light celebrations and eve celebrations….

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