Elegant Cyan Violet Lehenga

The collection presence a pretty royal and gracy debut with a violet lehenga and thick cyan blouse. Violet and this cyan is a perfect combination to adorn in Tinted winter(cool winter) Apting Rawsilk fiber for both lehanga and for blouse, which is luxirious, slippery soft to wear.

Purple is the first dye by man called “mauveine” and made out of coal tar. Violet reigns royalty,nobility and luxury. Basically violet is the fusion of calm stability blue and fierce energy of red where we can adorn in warm and cool season, cyan is the colour of shallow water over a sandy beach presents a friendly and happy color enjoying life.

Violet Blue Pink Lehenga

The eccentric design one attain’s in the?lehenga dress?with a printed silhouette culminating with gold and silver thread stich, exteriority petty florets accustomed with pearls, silver jardosi and cyan color thread hand embroidery placed randomly over all. The bottom line of the lehanga is given uncut hand embroidery with a rose pink finishing.

Cyan color blouse gives a charmy, ethnic with petty florets at the neck line and at base line made with violet color thread work with silver jardosi hand stich. Solid crepe rose pink dupatta with floret cut work at corners which carries a connotation of grace and elegance…

lehenga dress

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